21+ Best Binance Trading Bots for 2024 (Review)

Binance Trading Bots are computer programs that help you buy and sell cryptocurrencies at the right time and at the price you want.

Software that assists in automating your trading tactics might be referred to as a crypto trading bot.

In other words, cryptocurrency trading bots automatically execute orders at your cryptocurrency exchange following your trading strategy without requiring any personal interaction from you.

This lowers the risks involved and provides you with an advantage over manual traders.

However, the main goal of this app is to bring in more money, cut down on losses and risks, and make more money.

With this app, you can manage all of your crypto exchange accounts from one place.

There are a lot of Binance Crypto Trading Bots out there, and it can be hard to choose one.

What is a Crypto Trading Bot?

Crypto trading bots are your adopted trading strategy that automatically trades on your behavior.

It’s a robot software that understands everything about crypto trading. So, this reduces the risks and gives an advantage over traders who do things by hand.

These trading bots automatically place orders based on the strategy you set up.

In addition to that, it lets you trade 24 hours a day, seven days a week without having to do anything.

What’s Binance?

Binance is a platform for buying and selling more than 600 different cryptocurrencies.

At less than 0.10 percent, they have some of the lowest transaction fees on the market. Plus, more than 90 million people have signed up with them.

Here is a list of the Top Binance Trading Bots or Robots, with links to their best features and websites.

Best Binance Crypto trading Bots or Software

Here are the top Binance Crypto Trading Bots or software

  1. Pionex
  2. Bitsgap
  3. Cryptohopper
  4. Trality
  5. Coinrule
  6. Stoic
  7. 3Commas
  8. Mudrex
  9. NapBots
  10. CryptoHero
  11. Quadency
  12. TradeSanta
  13. HaasOnline
  14. Shrimpy
  15. Botsfolio
  16. Botcrypto
  17. Wunderbit
  18. Superalgos
  19. SmithBot
  20. Margin.de
  21. KuCoin

1. Pionex – Overall Best Binance Trading Bot

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Overall Best Binance Trading Bot

You don’t have to worry about API Keys when you use Pionex.

Pionex is the exchange where the robot that trades cryptocurrencies is built-in.

It’s the best cryptocurrency Binance trading bot I’ve ever seen in action.

It takes the liquidity from the Binance.com exchange, and the Huobi exchange and builds a free trading bot on top of it for Binance.

So far, 16 free cryptocurrency bots are available on Pionex:

  • Pionex Grid Trading Bot
  • Pionex Leveraged Grid Bot
  • Reverse Grid Bot
  • Pionex Margin Grid Bot
  • Pionex Infinity Grid Bot
  • Leveraged Reverse Grid Bot
  • Dollar-Cost Averaging Bot
  • TWAP Bot
  • Trailing Take Profit Bot
  • BTC Moon
  • ETH Moon
  • Spot-Futures Arbitrage Bot.

The Spot-Futures crypto arbitrage bot was just released by the Pionex exchange. It is an alternative to other crypto arbitrage bots.

Also, it is easy to use the Pionex trading bot. So, I prefer to use this trading bot to trade bitcoin.

Bitcoin has a bigger market capitalization, and I think it’s the most important cryptocurrency. The MAS and MBS licenses from Singapore and the U.S. show that Pionex is safe to use

Pionex is the best free Binance trading bot and the first one on my list.

2. Bitsgap – Best Grid Trading Bot for Binance

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Best Grid Trading Bot for Binance

Most people know the Bitsgap bot for its unique automated trading bot.

Every day, thousands of crypto traders with different levels of experience and skill use Bitsgap to automate their trading and get the most out of it.

Bitsgap’s trading bot uses an algorithm that is based on GRID, which is a simple and effective method.

It spreads out investments in a proportional way within a trading range that a crypto trader has already set.

Also, logging in to Bitsgap is easy and can be done in just a few minutes.

When the buy limit order is filled, the bot places a new sell order just above that price.

And, when a sell order is filled, a new buy order is placed below it.

As long as the price stays between the trading range’s edges, the bot will keep trading.

Also, Bitsgap just released its Bitsgap Futures trading bot, which opens and closes hundreds of small positions every day.

So, they take smaller returns and try to reduce risks.

You can download the Bitsgap app and trade cryptocurrencies in an easy way.

Bitsgap is designed to make the most money by buying low and selling high every time the price goes up or down.

Automated bots have all the risk-control features, such as Stop-loss, Trailing UP, Take profit, and several exit strategies.

Also, the Bitsgap trading terminal has some great tools for you to use.

  • The trading bot is in the cloud, so you don’t have to download anything.
  • The logic behind trade bots is clear and works well.
  • In DEMO mode, the bot trading simulator is free of risk.
  • Free crypto signals for people who sign up
  • Tested ways to get a bot up and running quickly
  • Free for 14 days

3. Cryptohopper – Paid Binance Trading Bot for Bitcoin

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Cryptohopper is a bot for trading bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that costs money.

But before you pay for a membership, you can try Cryptohopper’s free plan for 7 days.

The market-making bot is a well-known trading bot on Cryptohopper.

It works like the Grid Bot in Pionex, but it focuses more on making money from the spread on the order book.

Your crypto trading signals could be automated with the help of the CryptoHopper Telegram bot.

CryptoHopper bot also has a Marketplace where you can recommend any third-party service, such as crypto signals, trading strategies, apps, and templates.

The bot also has a demo trading account, strategy designer, social trading platform, paper trading mode, and a market arbitrage tool.

“World-class automated crypto trading bot” is a catchy slogan for Cryptohopper exchange.

4. Trality

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Even though Trality is still a young company, I learned about it in 2020.

It made our list because of how much it focuses on the process of making bots and how professional the platform is.

It’s different from most other services because it doesn’t give you ready-to-use black box bots right away.

Instead, it gives you everything you might need to make your own professional-level algorithm.

The best thing about Trality is its unique, in-browser Code Editor.

Which means that even the most complicated and unique strategies can be written in Python with a lot of different order types.

That’s not a problem at all if you are neither a professional trader nor a Python developer.

Trality has another product called “Rule Builder,” which helps you build your bot without having to know how to code. Just drag and drop to put together your trading logic, and it’s ready to go.

The platform also has a quick and effective backtesting tool that can help you fine-tune the parameters and make sure your ideas are good.

Once the bot is ready, it can be set up to trade crypto in real time on popular exchanges like Binance, Kraken, and Bitpanda.

Last but not least, it’s important to know that the platform’s pricing is fair and made for users of all skill levels.

Also, the starting plan is free and will always be free, so you can use it and try out the basic features for as long as you want.

5. Coinrule – Best Binance Trading Bot for Beginners

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Best Binance Trading Bot for Beginners

Coinrule is an advanced bot for newbies.

The “if-this-then-that” rule makes it possible for even less experienced crypto traders to set up a trading strategy in under a minute.

The interface makes it easy for people to build the trading bot step by step.

The template library has more than 150 rules that are already set up to help new traders run the trading system that works best for them.

The platform lets you use different strategies for trading cryptocurrency, such as stopping loss and taking profit, and it also includes the main technical indicators.

Coinrule lets you use an unlimited number of trading strategies, and the company regularly adds new ones to the platform’s Knowledge Base.

The built-in Demo exchange is another feature that is fun to use.

With a virtual allocation of coins, cryptocurrency traders can test their trading systems in a safe environment.

The Demo rules are based on prices from Binance, so there is no risk.

So, the platform is great for making your own automated trading bot for Coinbase.

6. Stoic – Best AI Authomated Bot for Binance

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Best AI Authomated Bot for Binance

Stoic AI is automated software for investing in cryptocurrencies. It helps you diversify your portfolio and finds the “moonshots” in the huge cryptocurrency market.

It is one of the best bots for trading cryptocurrencies on Binance. It looks at all assets on Binance with a trading volume of at least $10 million.

Stoic’s portfolio is rebalanced once a day, and it tries to do better on average than the crypto market.

It has an algorithm that lets you look at past returns, price volatility, and how one asset is related to another.

This Binance bot lets you choose how much of your portfolio to keep in USDT.

This helps you take profits and buy when the price goes down.

Stoic algorithm figures out how likely it is that the asset will go down.

7. 3Commas – Best Binance Trading Bot for Crypto Signal

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Best Binance Trading Bot for Crypto Signal

One of the most well-known crypto trading bots is called 3Commas.

The user interface is more for a professional trader, so I put it at #7 on the list.

As their customers get more professional, they focus on making products for “pro users.” So, if you already trade with bots for a living, you should try 3Commas.

There are two types of subscriptions on 3Commas: Basic and Pro.

The basic bot costs $25 per month, while the more advanced bot costs $84 per month and has a lot more features.

The cryptocurrency trading bot on 3Commas can use different trading strategies for bitcoin based on technical indicators and make money trading bitcoin.

There is a good community, and you can buy online courses to learn how to use the 3Commas Bitcoin trading bot.

The platform also has a Marketplace for third-party crypto signals.

8. Mudrex – Best Binance Copy Trading Bot

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Best Binance Copy Trading Bot

With Mudrex, buying crypto bots is as easy as buying a mutual fund.

They are very honest about what they know, offer a wide range of bitcoin bots based on how risky you want to be, and have the best pricing model we have seen.

Mudrex, which is backed by Y Combinator, is better than everyone else on the list.

Over 7,000 people use Mudrex, and over 400 million USD have been traded on it.

They have a very active and involved community and are backed by well-known VCs and angel investors.

They are linked to 8 of the best exchanges, and they are one of the few on this list that can also help US customers.

Mudrex doesn’t make its own cryptocurrency bot.

Instead, it has a marketplace with bots made by professional cryptocurrency traders.

The best thing about the platform is that all information about a cryptocurrency bot’s performance is public and easy for users to understand.

With Mudrex Protect, you can also get your money back if your investment doesn’t pay off.

If you’ve been looking for a place to invest your cryptocurrency, Mudrex might be it.

9. Napbots — Best Binance Automated Trading Bot.

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Best Binance Automated Trading Bot

The NapBots trading bot wants to make quantitative trading more accessible to everyone by giving users plug-and-play access to professional algorithmic crypto trading strategies.

This means that users don’t need any special skills to use this platform.

Depending on how often they trade (weekly, daily, or hourly).

Users can choose from a number of in-house strategies to automate their trading and manage their funds.

Many NapBots customers choose to use more than one strategy to lower their risk, while others prefer to stick to just one.

NapBots are easy to hold and fun to play. You’re making money and having a good time.

The NapBots crypto trading bot lets you trade cryptocurrency like a pro and gives you instant access to professional crypto trading strategies in 3 easy steps:

  • Link your Binance exchange.
  • Choose the crypto strategies that you like best.
  • Just chill out and let the bot do the work.

NapBots is part of the Napoleon Group, which is a group of French companies started by former multi-billion-dollar asset managers at Tier 1 banks. 

For the past ten years, they have designed, built, and run high-performance trading bots.

10. CryptoHero – Best AI Trading Bot for Binance

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Best AI trading Bot for Binance

CryptoHero works with multiple exchanges and lets you track all of your crypto trading performance in one app.

Either individually or as a whole across all exchanges.

CryptoHero makes it easy and free to automate trades right from your phone.

There’s no need to know how to code.

Bots based on technical indicators can be used to trade popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum 24 /7.

Technical indicators can be set up for bots without writing a single line of code, you can trade with one and leave with another.

Also, CryptoHero has pre-sets for some of the most popular technical indicators and lets you combine multiple rules and triggers.

You can also test your bots with data from the past before putting them into use.

Get a rough idea of how well your trading bot will do based on real data from different trading frequencies and up to a year’s time.

How do I choose the best trading bot for Binance?

Here are some important things to keep in mind when looking for a new Binance trading bot.

1. Non-custodial

You should always put the safety of your cryptocurrencies first.

So always choose software that doesn’t ask you to put your crypto on their platform.

Only Pionex on our list needs that, and I use it every day.

Binance and Huobi protect your cryptocurrency on the back end of Pionex.

2. Pre-made Templates

When I first used a Binance trading bot, it was a lot to take in.

Before I was able to automate my trading strategy, I made some mistakes and learned from them.

But now, many Binance trading bots offer well-tested trading bot templates that have already been built.

3. Drag-and-drop or Scripting

You can use your trading strategy in one of two ways.

You can either write code for that or use drag-and-drop tools, like the ones Mudrex offers.

Drag-and-drop tools can’t do everything.

But if you are just starting and don’t know how to code, you should stick to drag-and-drop tools.

4. Copy trading or social trading

The social trading platform lets many pro traders share their trading strategies, which you can then copy.

I wrote a separate article about the best platforms for copy trading, and you can also read about my experiences with copy trading.

5. Backtesting

Make sure you always test your trading strategy in the past before you use it in the real world.

When doing abacktestt.

You will need historical prices for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, so choose a platform with enough historical prices.

6. Indicators

If you want to automate your trading strategy, you might need advanced trading indicators. So, make sure that the trading platform supports the trading indicators you want.

Also, there are many useful social and on-chain data indicators that you should look for.

7. Providers of Indices

Many platforms, like Mudrex and Napbots, offer pre-built indices.

This means that they have already put together a bucket of tokens, and you can invest in any bucket you want.

But this is more like an investment than a trade.

8. Signals

Signals for Binance trading are a new way to make trades happen automatically.

Here, a group of experienced traders sends signals on Telegram or Discord.

This can be done automatically if trading bots like Cornix are used.

9. Cloud-based or on your server

Seft hosted solution is suitable for security.

But it’s best for people who have a lot of money and time.

I think you’ll have the best experience if you go with a solution that’s based in the cloud.

10. Trading Communities

Trading communities help you keep up with the latest news, new trading trends, and a lot more in a world where information is money.

In these groups, a beginner can learn a lot. You can join the Coinmonks group if you want to.

11. Help and Instructions

Trading platforms make a lot of blogs and videos for their users to help them learn more about the platform.

It is a great place to start for newbies.

It’s not a good product if it doesn’t come with good instructions or customer service. Especially when it comes to money.

12. Integration with the software for Crypto Tax

When I ran the Grid trading bot for the first time, it made more than 900 trades in 45 minutes.

I made some money fast, but I was afraid that all of it would go to my accountant or CPA.

Then I understood why trading bots need to work with tax software. So, make sure you choose a trading bot that can work with your tax software.

I also compared the best crypto tax software in a guide that you might want to look at.

When should you use Binance trading bots for crypto?

A well-made bot can do many things for you, such as rebalancing, managing your portfolio, collecting data, smart order routing, etc.

What exactly can Binance trading bots help you do better? Let’s take a look.

#1. Repetitive Tasks

It takes a lot of time and effort to do jobs that are repetitive.

Using a cryptocurrency trading robot will enable you to essentially “copy and paste” some duties, making it much simpler to execute deals.

The use of bots to assist with repetitive tasks is particularly useful for doing periodic rebalances.

If you wish to rebalance your portfolio on an hourly basis, then you will need to do it every hour, as the term says. This is necessary in order to undertake hourly rebalancing.

So, you can do one of these two things:

  • In order to rebalance the portfolio and prevent yourself from going insane in the process, set an alarm for every hour.
  • Construct a trading bot and instruct it, using a computer program, to rebalance your investment portfolio once per hour till the end of time.

#2 Timing

When trading, it’s important to know when to buy and sell and to be very accurate.

Every crypto trade you make can have a huge effect on how much money you could make.

Take a look at an example. Let’s say the price of Bitcoin is going down and you want to sell your position as soon as BTC hits the $40,000 support line.

If you did this by hand, you’d have to be patient and pay close attention to the price chart. Even then, you might not know when to pull the trigger.

The trading bot is easy to set up so that it can watch the market and trade at the right times.

#3. Things can be made easier.

“Smart order routing” is a good example.

The plan is to make trades go through many trading pairs.

Every trading pair needs to be carefully chosen based on when it will trade, how many assets it will trade, and how much it will trade for.

Before the market changes, this whole route needs to be finished within a certain amount of time.

It seems pretty simple, doesn’t it?

But it might be nearly impossible to carry out this trade.

This is just one example of the many different things that should be taken into account when training.

Some plans might be almost impossible to put into action.

With the help of trade bots, these complicated and seemingly impossible strategies could be done automatically.

Which Bitcoin Growth Bot is the Best?

Here is a list of the best growth bots for bitcoin:

  • Pionex
  • Shrimpy
  • Quadency
  • SuperAlgos
  • Cryptohopper

What are the best trading bots to use on Binance?

If you’re just starting and want to find the best Binance trading bots, you can use CryptoHopper, Bitsgap, 3Commas, etc.

Also, Quadency or HaasOnline can be a great choice if you like to have full control over your trading bots.

But you should only use HaasOnline if you know a little bit about HassScript, their programming language, and how to set up an automated bot with it.

What are the best trading bots for KuCoin?

KuCoin, one of the best places to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, has its KuCoin bots.

You don’t need a third-party trading robot provider who needs API keys and a monthly subscription.

Also, traders don’t have to pay anything to use this KuCoin bot. On the automated GRID bot, there are also no KuCoin fees.

You can read our article about the KuCoin trading bot to find out more.

What are the best trading bots to use on Coinbase?

Do you live in the United States and want to know how to use a trading bot on Coinbase?

There are many crypto bots providers who can help you in that case. From my own experience, the best Coinbase Pro trading bots are Bitsgap or 3Commas.

You can also choose Pionex if you don’t want to pay extra each month for a subscription.

Which Bittrex Trading Bots are the best?

Some of the best bots for trading on Bittrex are 3Commas, CryptoHopper, Bitsgap, and so on.

You can also use free bots, like SuperAlgos, to automate your crypto trading.

But SuperAlgos is hard for new traders to understand, so you can use one of Pionex’s 16 free trading bots instead.

Which BinanceTrading bots are best for beginners?

If you are a beginner, Pionex, Shrimpy, Cryptohopper, and Coinrule are the best Binance trading bots to use.

These trading bots are easy to use and will help make things simpler.

What are the best free Binance trading bots for cryptocurrency?

Here are the free Binance trading bots I think are the best:

How do I find Binance trading bots to trust?

When choosing the right Binance bot, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Backtesting is one of these. 

Before you use your trading strategy in the real world, you should always make sure you can test it in the past.

You will need access to historical data on the prices of cryptocurrencies, which you can get from Binance.

Another thing to think about is whether you want a solution that you host yourself or one that is in the cloud.

Self-hosted solutions are good for security, but they’re better for people with more resources.

We suggest going with a cloud-based option if you want the best experience.

What are Binance’s rules for trading bots?

Binance has rules that you have to follow if you want to trade bots there.

These rules say that you can’t use a bot that takes advantage of an algorithm or another way that trading works.

Here are some important rules for Binance’s Trading Bots:

  • Any bot that “spams,” or sends a large number of orders over and over again without taking the market into account, will be banned.
  • Binance also doesn’t allow people to use bots to try to control the market or prices. This includes using bots to buy and sell coins in a way that takes advantage of the order books or the supply and demand of a coin.
  • Bots also can’t use fake accounts or identities to do things that are against the law.

So, if you break any of these rules, your account could be frozen or closed.

So, if you don’t want to get in trouble, it’s important to follow Binance’s rules carefully.

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One Last Thing

As you can see, there are quite a few Binance trading bots on the market right now. 

This means you have a lot of options.

You will be able to connect with a Binance bot that will take care of your needs and automate your trades.

We wish you success on your final choice of Binance trading bots to trade on Binance!

However, we will be happy to hear your side in the comment section, and don’t forget to share this article.

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