How to earn free Dogecoin Online in 2024 (100% Working)

Would there ever be a way to earn free Dogecoin online?

Everyone loves Dogecoin. Even  Elon Musk can testify about that too.

Most people who use cryptocurrency do. We do!

So why not earn some free Dogecoin (DOGE) so you can join the fun and lively Dogecoin community that is based on memes?

This guide will show you three different ways to get free DOGE.

What’s Dogecoin?

Dogecoin is a P2P currency that doesn’t have a central bank and lets people send money online.

Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer, who made DOGE, put it out in December 2013.

The Shiba Inu dog is on the DOGE coin.

This breed comes from Japan, and its face is used in a popular DOGE meme.

The meme-inspired cryptocurrency has a market capitalization of more than $6.5 billion at the moment.

People often use Dogecoin to tip people who make or share great content on the internet.

Also, the protocol for cryptocurrency is based on script technology.

So, you can mine Dogecoin with a graphics card, preferably one made by AMD.

How to Earn Free Dogecoin Online

Dogecoin can be bought on a number of exchanges.

But you can use the three ways below to get free dogecoins online.

Free Dogecoin Faucets

A crypto faucet is a website or app that gives small amounts of crypto to people who do things for it.

Some examples of these kinds of tasks are watching videos, taking quizzes, and clicking on links.

Participants get the free crypto in the site’s wallet, which they can withdraw once they reach the minimum limit.

This limit could be reached in a day or more.

The point of faucets is to get more people interested in crypto so that they will be more likely to invest.

You can use a faucet on sites like to get free dogecoin.

This faucet collects DOGE from people who use it and gives out small amounts to those who use it.

There are no tasks for you to do.

Here’s how to use this faucet for the first time

  • Check out the site.
  • Enter the address of your dogecoin wallet and click “Give Me Dogecoins.”
Earn Free Dogecoin Online
  • Save

Some dogecoins will be given to you. But the website won’t send it to your wallet until it has reached five DOGE.

People can only get more Dogecoins once every three hours.

  • Save

If you want to earn more free dogecoin online, you can sign up for an account on Faucet Crypto.

You can get to earn free DOGE from this faucet by watching ads or filling out surveys.

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Tips on how to make Earn Dogecoin online

If someone tips you on the Reddit community, you can earn free dogecoin online.

Participate often and share useful posts to increase your chances of getting a tip. A tip bot is how people give dogecoin tips.

Here are the instructions for how to use this bot and how it works.

  • Post something interesting to the Reddit community for dogecoin.
  • Then, wait until you get a tip.
  • The person who gave you the tip will reply to your post. 
  • +/u/sodogetip [amount] [currency] verify is the command to give a tip. For example, you might get a tip that says +/u/sodogetip 50 Doge verify.
  • To get your DOGE, you must first sign up and then confirm your email address.
  • Send this message to the bot, which is already filled out, to sign up. 
  • You’ll get a message in your inbox telling you that you’ve signed up.
  • Also, you’ll get a deposit address where you can send DOGE to tip other people.
  • Next, send this private message to the bot with your email address to sign up.
  • Enter your email address in the message field and wait for the confirmation email.
Earn Free Dogecoin Online
  • Save
  • Send the code to the bot so it can verify your email address.
  • Save

You can now take out the DOGE you got as a tip.

To get out, you need to send the bot another private message.

Type +withdraw 30 doge to [wallet address] in the message box. The withdrawal needs to be okayed by the bot.

So, send the code that was sent to your email. The DOGE you were tipped should be in your wallet in a few minutes.

How to Earn Free DogeCoin Through Giveaways

Giveaways are another ways you can earn free dogecoin online.

Most of the time, these crypto giveaways can be found on Twitter.

Just type “dogecoin giveaways” into the search field on Twitter to find one you can join.

Here is a picture of a dogecoin giveaway on Twitter.

Earn Free Dogecoin Online
  • Save
Dogecoin giveaway on Twitter

You’ll notice that people who want to enter these giveaways have to do things like retweet and follow the issuer.

Also, an exchange might ask you to sign up for an account on its platform or download its app.

Keep in mind that most giveaways have winners picked at random.

So, there is no way to know for sure that you will be selected to earn free dogecoin.

Also, make sure a giveaway is real before entering it so you don’t waste your time.

Now that you know how to earn dogecoin for free online, you should get a DOGE wallet and start making money.

Even though you won’t get much of the coin, you’ll learn how digital assets work.

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How to Earn Free Dogecoin on Idle-Empire

To get your free Dogecoin (DOGE).

All you have to do is sign up for an account on Idle-Empire, answer a few paid surveys, watch videos, or complete offers, and quickly exchange your points for Dogecoin.

Idle-Empire will send DOGE directly to an address in your wallet that you choose.

This could be an exchange, a service, or your crypto’s wallet.

After you get your coins, you can use them in any way you want.

Since 2015, Idle-Empire has given out more than $8.1 million in rewards, and we want you to get your share.

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