This disclaimer is part of the website terms and conditions. 

At www.bossconnection.net.

We provide a user-friendly website for everyone in the world.

The website enables every user to manage their finances.

 We are not responsible for user actions:

What we are not responsible for.

In addition, 

1.We are not responsible for any indirect damages that may be caused by this website.

2.We are not responsible for any links used in the comments you post on our website.

4.We are not responsible for the correctness, completeness or reliability.

5.We are not responsible for any materials published by us or any third party.

General Conditions.

The website will operate normally.

Our services will not contain any computer viruses.

Although we strive to maintain safe, accurate, and well-run services.

We are not responsible for loss, damage, or unavailability.

Any information you provide through the service.

You are solely responsible for it.

We are not responsible for any guarantee of accuracy.

We do not guarantee accuracy.

And other inaccuracies in the information and content through the service.

For any third-party services or suggestions.

We do not make any express or implied statements or warranties. 


Income disclaimer.

We will not provide you with business opportunities.

We do not declare any income you can earn.

Please do not interpret any statement on this website as an assertion.

Or represents average income.

There is no average income.

We cannot provide any information about average income.

In addition,bossconnection.net is not a shortcut to getting rich.

It will not replace the usual.

For you, the success of any effort depends on many personal factors.

We don’t know your education, your skills, your previous experience.

Or the time you can and will commit to these efforts.

Please conduct due diligence before using our website.

Remember that many factors will determine your actual results.

And there is no guarantee that you will get similar results to others.

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