Yes’ Nigerians will be eligible for Facebook monetization

Are Nigerians eligible for Facebook monetization? this question has been going through a lot of Nigeria content creators right now because it was earlier said that Nigerians will be able to monetize their Facebook account.
In this article, we will  be discussing if  and when Nigerians are or will be eligible for Facebook monetization
The answer is Yes… Facebook monetization in Nigeria, as of June 1, 2024, facebook’s monetization policies and tools will be available to Nigeria creators and publishments.
At the moment, Nigeria is not among the countries eligible for content monetization on Facebook, but according to information exclusively obtained from Meta, this will be made possible by June 2024
Facebook monetization in Nigeria
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Facebook monetization in Nigeria


Sir Clegg said Meta will introduce in June 2024 a feature on its Instagram app that will allow Nigerian creators to monetize their content to enable them to earn a living using the app.
According to Meta…….  “Yes, starting June 2024, creators in Nigeria will be eligible to monetize their content. We’re working to bring our creator monetization products to Nigeria, to begin rolling out in June.
This means creators, who meet the monetization eligibility criteria, will have the ability to run ads in-stream and use other tools such as Instagram stars and gifts that are available to creators elsewhere in the world.
The president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria earlier said: “For us in Nigeria, we have a vibrant, gifted, and resourceful youth population.
Recognizing that the future is most likely to be AI-enabled, we have to prepare our youths and make them ready to compete and participate in the global economy.
” Tinubu said. “I can assure you that Nigeria is open for business. We want to lead the African continent in digital technology. Data is valuable to our development.
We are ready to cooperate on technological advancements. It is the only way to go. We need a collaboration that will be a win-win for all.”

Criteria for Eligibility

Facebook monetization in Nigeria
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Facebook Monetization Eligibility in Nigeria



1. You must live in an eligible country

2. You must Follow Facebook content monetization policies

3. You must have Five (5) thousand followers

4. You must have sixty thousand (60,000) minutes of watch time

5. You must at least create or share Five (5) videos in the last 28 days

Final Thought


This article will help you with your Facebook monetization question.


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